Protect your ATM's Centers with advanced security, monitoring & Control.Based on video surveillance helps addressing the problem of attacks on ATMs.


For safety and security, We offer a business solution for school teachers and parents to reduce their operational efficiency and enhance their students/child security.


Let's helps us in manage the fleet vehicles to track and monitoring & exchange real time data about the vehicle and driver to an ecosystem of services .

IoT Gateway

Process of monitoring and controlling your remote site, assets and providing the visibility and surveillance using Internet of Things in many scenarios.

SMART 3,IoT Analytical e-surveillance Platform

SMART 3 is an end-to-end e-Surveillance solution to provide SMART SECURITY, SMART ENERGY,SMART OPERATIONS for Commercial buildings,Data Centers and hospitals.SMART3 is based out of Chennai, India and serves the global market with an integrated approach to delivering solutions comprising hardware, software and implementation

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IoT Analytical
e- surveillance Platform

SMART 3 is an end-to-end e-Surveillance solution to provide SMART ENERGY, SMART SECURITY,SMART OPERATIONS for Commercial Buildings,Data Centers and Hospitals. Read More

e-Surveillance Solutions


Smart Cutting-edge solution to provide Service providers facing big challanges,Our IoT e-Surveillance solution across industries enables us to provide you with a solution to your most challenging problems from Remote location.


The technology will help school authorities and parents to keep tracking the real time position of students. When students entry/exit the school, their ID cards will be read by the GPS card with IN-Time and Out-Time will be automatically marked in the attendance system.


Our connected solution is ability to monitor from start to finish, knowing exactly where everything is at any given time. Tracking these details is critical for business management as also for operational efficiency.we now implementing more scientific real-time based systems to handle this problem.

Why Us

SMART 3 takes IoT to the next level by providing business value using Video Analytics & Predictive Algorithms.We offer an e-Surveillance solution for buildings to reduce their energy usage, improve operation efficiency and enhance their security.

Video Surveillance for Infrastructure

Remote Monitoring & Video Analytics of infrastructure in a remote location for handling diverse tasks. It is designed on basis of Video Capturing and Continuous Live Streaming of the video

Mointor assets from any Remote location

GPRS based remote printer that can be used to print data, which are received from Remote Server. The communication used between the device and the remote server is advanced GPRS Connection 3G/ 4G.

School Students Tracking

Locate your kids/child with GPS ID Card, Parents and School teachers can monitor the students’ check-in status every day. Know when they entered and when they exit the school. Report can be exported for management and analysis purpose.

Fleet Management System

24x7 live tracking of your vehicle by knowing the movement of a vehicle in which location and it can be tracked movement in positions at every Interval of seconds with engine status,speed,location in a map.